by grady stiles

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released July 18, 2012

music and art by grady stiles
recorded by Ryan Stewart
mixed by Richard Nolan Jr.



all rights reserved


grady stiles Albany, New York

We are grady stiles; not to be confused with the person Grady Stiles.

Albany, New York

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Track Name: stillshot
streets tangling themselves into an impossible knot.
trying as hard as i can to make sense of what direction to go.
into or out of the abyss of what will ultimately be my final resting place.
that's what i think will lead to the most important decision i’ll ever have to make.
put things off for way too long, scared shit-less of ever having to decide something for myself.
streets tangling themselves into an impossible knot. try as hard as i can.
Track Name: welcome to tonight freakshow mother fucker 9/11/10/green/7
they said "try not to ruin anything, we need that for the next party they're coming here in fifteen minutes, you better be ready. take off your white gown and put your red shoes on."

i guess there's just some things that remind me of the brave little toaster.
i guess there's just some things that remind me of the times that i wish i was older.
(i won't tell you again... i just want to see the beauty in all of that shit that means not a thing to me.

and we all will rot in hell
i stopped living for other people over a year ago.
Track Name: automagically get better
i didn't know that
nobody told me
you get out what you put in
i should have tried harder

and i'll say fuck you too
if you don't believe in the same things as me
not a disgrace like i used to think
feelings misplaced, i feel like i cant breath

its always why never because, never because never because
its always why never because